We investigate structures that have failed; from total to those that have settled or cracked beyond normal conditions.  We have visited  major earthquake sites to aid in the evaluation of the condition of buildings.

The investigation of structural aspects of ground failure requires a knowledgeable engineer.  Our experience includes landslides, creep failures as well as the more common cyclical problems ( on the San Francisco Peninsula) of expansive soils.


We recommend that the buyer of a house hire the inspectors directly, or at least be at the site at the time of the inspection to discuss any issues that may arise.  This starts a direct line of communication between the buyer and inspector.  Unfortunately, there are some real estate professionals that search out inspectors that are not "deal breakers".  You want an inspector that is capably looking for serious problems with the prospective house.

While this is not the main thrust of our work, we can investigate existing houses where special structural concerns need to be addressed.  This usually involves the investigation of cracks in finish materials or sagging floors.  For areas with special soil conditions, such as Foster City/Redwood Shores or Sharon Heights in Menlo Park, we recommend that you first obtain an report from a Soil Engineer.

We perform inspections of the structural aspects of buildings.  The typical fee for a structural inspection (by a licensed engineer) starts at about $750.00 and will be more for a large house or one with many problems to be documented.  Our inspections do not include utilities, architectural aspects such as waterproofing or soil conditions.  We do not perform inspections of condominium buildings.